Whitehouse Bars & Restaurants

Village Pizza Factory

6792 Providence St
Whitehouse, OH 43571
(419) 877-5955

Village Pizza Factory has the best thin crust pizza in the area! The prices are reasonable when it comes to toppings, and that's a pretty important aspect of a good pizzeria if you're asking us. There are also options of pan and handmade pizza for you to enjoy. The delivery is always fast and hot as possible! With generous toppings, weekly specials, and a friendly staff who goes out of their way to bring you the best possible service, we think your next pizza will be a no brainer.

General’s Ice Cream

6751 Providence St
Whitehouse, OH 43571
(419) 877-0031

General's Ice Cream is your destination for sweet treats, there's no doubt about that! This is one of those establishments that has seemingly been around forever and a day. If they've thrived so far, you can only imagine how great the hand made ice cream creations are here. Whether you're a fan of shakes, malts, blizzards, sundaes, or plain old ice cream in a bowl, you'll have a great time checking out all of the different flavors that are available to you here at General's.


Cherry Tree Bakery & Cafe

6726 Providence St
Whitehouse, OH 43571
(419) 877-2500

Cherry Tree Bakery & Cafe is a destination for breakfast, lunch, or brunch! It's right across from the bike trail and small park, so head here before or after a nice little trip. This is a good place to order birthday cake, as they go above and beyond with their decorations. Be sure to try out the fresh fruit Raspberry Mango smoothie...it comes topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut. If you come here, you absolutely have to try out all of their baked goods.

Local Thyme

6719 Providence St
Whitehouse, OH 43571
(419) 123-4200

Local Thyme is a bar with a ton of different food options for you to enjoy. The huge pretzel is as big as the plate that it comes on, and the cheddar sauces are perfect. The grilled chicken sandwich is a great choice when you're trying to watch your waist line, and there are tons of vegetarian options for you to consider. The Shepherd Pie is fabulous when you want to enjoy hearty food. The jalapeno cornbread is one of the best appetizer options we've ever enjoyed!


Professional iPod + CD Compatible Audio System

Cozy & Leather Seating

Stainless Steel Dance Pole

Dazzling lights


Polished Hardwood Floors

Limitless interiors

Ice stocked coolers for drinks